Hello world!
"Well, it's been a while, but if there's anything this update place is still good for, it's committing memories to type for posterity. So here goes!

I just got back from a fantastic trip down to Seattle."

The above was restored from a draft I'm guessing from in December. Kinda grosses me out as it smacks of the overly positive way I usually write in this thing. Not that I write in this thing. It was a good trip but I felt extremely awkward most of the time and really anti-social. That's easily one of the biggest reasons I want to actually do something with my life; so when I meet people who are successful or just not students I can actually look them in the eye. As much fun as I'm having taking it easy over the summer and living with the folks, it's not something you feel jazzed about talking.

ANYWAY that's not why I'm here. I just wanted to write. I realized I actually enjoy the feeling of a keyboard under my fingers so I figured I'd write something. I was going to post on my Tumblr but I want to keep that from turing into what this place is. I want it to be a blog, to have a theme, to actually produce something there that people who aren't my friends might want to read. Buuut that's not happening any time soon, so nothing fits better there than this.

So yeah, this is pretty much it. ... Just typing. Pretty sure most people have moved on from here anyway, not that I should care about who's reading this (though I totally do.)

A few years ago I started going through my old entries and tagging them properly so I they would actually have some use to me. I'd love to give my horrifically self centered entries to my future kids so they can see that I actually was young once. But there are some serious emotions in those pages that I wouldn't say entice me to return to. One day I will though. One day.

My foot is huge. I got bitten by a something while I was couch surfing in Victoria and it has made my leg swell up. It doesn't hurt or anything, but after 8 hours on my feet six days in a row it's gotten pretty big. It feels like it's getting better.

Hm. As always I want to leave something profound here, add sometihng of worth for dem readers. It's funny how old habits come back just by staring at this font and in this text window. I definitely become someone different on here.

Welp, now my right hand is tired because I only really use three fingers on that hand to type the knuckle on my ring finger starts to hurt. Oh yeah! I'm typing this on an iPad! Trying to get used to living a PC-less life for when I move to Korea. Gonna be all social and shit instead of spending it procrastinating from nothing and loathing myself for loathing myself. I've spent my whole life doing exactly what I want and now that I've done that for two years I am SO BORED. The trick to enjoying life is to do something you don't enjoy, but you feel is important for other reasons. It gives you something to measure against.

HA! That was profound, right?

The tilde is tough to find on this keyboard so I gotta sign off as



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